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Hello Hip Hop Heads and Horrors Fans,

I’m just a Mexican girl from San Diego who loves music and movies! I am a Journalist, tastemaker, host, creative, songwriter, lyricist, poet, innovator and visionary. My favorite music genre is Hip Hop (Rap)/R&B, musica urbana (Reggaeton, Latin Trap, Latin R&B) and for movies it is Horror! But I love almost all music genres and movie genres!

This blog will blend my two favorite cultures Hip Hop and Horror. Here and there I will also begin to incorporate other music and movie/TV genres. I will review albums and movies. Post interviews and anything else in the creative spectrum.

I am just a dreamer and go getter who is making my dreams into reality! Hope you all join me on this journey! Welcome to Nightmare on Sedgwick Avenue, “Where Genres Have No Borders!”!!!

Thank you for your support,
Gaby Moreno aka 7 Octoberz

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